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World_Shamanic_Healing_Practices_feel_divine_connectionT.JPG SHAMANIC HEALING PRACTICES

Healing rituals, methods, and ceremonies performed are drawn from cultures around the world including but not limited to Tibetan Bon Shamanism, Native American Shamanism, Celtic Shamanism, Hawaiian Huna and Mongolian Shamanism.

These are intuitively chosen for you personally. Some practices are blended and combined, and others are performed more as ceremonies.

Reiki_Dr_Mikao_Usui_Beautiful_Gentle_HealingT.jpg REIKI

The word Reiki is a combination of two words that mean Spirit (Universal Life Force and spiritual consciousness) and Energy (Chi, Prana). This healing system is based in Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism and was rediscovered in the early 1900’s by a Japanese doctor and monk, Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki is a Japanese technique used to promote healing, reduce stress and provide deep relaxation. It allows the practitioner to infuse cleansing, healing energy directly into the body where innate intelligence, the wisdom within, will use it for the highest purpose.

Reiki is “administered” by the practitioner placing their hands on or slightly above one’s fully clothed body. Often one will experiencing a sense of relaxation flooding the body, and may experience the feeling of heat (or sometimes a cooling sensation) coming from the practitioner’s hands. The healing energy aids the body in healing itself, and in the return to a state of emotional and mental well-being.

(Reiki cannot serve as a substitute for conventional medical and psychological diagnosis or treatment. For any health related issues, please contact your family doctor.)

Chakra_Clearing_Surgery_Chakra_Balancing_Chakra_CleansingT.jpg CHAKRA SURGERY, CLEANSING & BALANCING

Chakras, or Energy Centers open and close as needed to keep you healthy and operating at optimum. (For an explanation of Chakras, please visit the FAQ.)

However, if they become clogged, have blockages, become weakened or overactive, scarred or remain closed or open only, you do not feel your best. All areas of your life can be affected as the Chakras correspond to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual matters.

By having Energy Surgery performed, the Chakras can be cleared of these energetic substances and distortions. They can be strengthened and balanced to help you feel centered, have clarity and feel more like your true self.

Psychic_Energy_Surgery_to_clear_the_unseenT.JPG PSYCHIC SURGERY

This “no-knives” surgery is done energetically. It is used to remove energetic blockages, substances from various parts of your body or your energy field (aura). You may experience physical sensations as it is being performed.

Some of you are aware of psychic surgeries being performed in other countries where sleight of hand has been reported. In other words, the “surgeon” pulls things out which were up their sleeve in such a way that it appears it has come out of the person being worked on. This in some cases is a misunderstanding. Yes, some do pull things out of their sleeve, but this is done for the purpose of symbolism, not deception. It represents what is coming energetically out of the person.  There are some who actually do “pull” things out of the body that are tangible as has been witnessed around the world.

(Psychic Surgery, also known as Energy Surgery, is not a replacement for traditional medicine and/or necessary surgeries done in hospitals. If you are experiencing symptoms or a condition of concern please consult your family doctor for professional care.)

Soul_Retrieval_restore_fractured_pieces_from_traumaT.JPG SOUL RETRIEVALS

It is said that through various types of traumas, parts of us have fractured or split off. For example, when you have heard or used the expression “part of me died”, there was a part of you that shut off or fractured. These fractures can link to events in this life and from incidents in past lives.

The Shaman journeys through the mind’s eye to locate, retrieve and reintegrate this part of you to help you to feel whole.

Various tribes and cultures have their own methods for performing this retrieval. The most appropriate method is chosen for you intuitively.

Psychic_Protection_through_awareness_practices_cord_cuttingT.jpg PSYCHIC PROTECTION

Psychic Protection is about clearing your body, energy field and space from anything or anyone that you may feel is draining or attacking you.  It is also about strengthening your core and aura to deflect or process anything that is not conducive to your internal and external harmony.

We have all experienced being in the presence of draining individuals. You get tired when you are around them and can maybe only be in their presence for a few minutes at a time.

It is possible for other people to attach to you energetically and drain your energy. Usually this is not done intentionally or with any malice, but can affect you. A “cord”, usually coming from someone to whom you were or are close, connects to a certain part of your body and will link you both.

Energetic Cord Cutting can be performed to detach the draining cord(s) that is attached to you from another person. The cord(s) can even be from someone you love. Cutting it does not mean you cut the person off in any way; you are just stopping the inappropriate drain.  Nothing is cut without your permission.

Entity Clearing is performed when someone has actually attached an energetic part of themselves to you on a specific part of your body. This can be a person currently in your life or from a past life.

(For Clearing Spaces of Unwanted Entities see list of services for Space Clearing)

Crystal_and_Stone_Healing_frequencies_vibrations_propertiesT.JPG CRYSTAL & STONE HEALING

Crystals, stones and metals have healing properties that have been known and used for thousands of years. The composition and energetic vibration of these materials bring the body, mind, spirit and emotions back into harmony and can provide healing support to the organs. There are subtle changes in your energy field that bring you to balance.

These beautiful gifts from the earth and sky are chosen intuitively for you and placed on your fully clothed body in various key places, and surrounding you. Occasionally with certain treatments, hot river stones or sea shells are also used.

You may experience pulsing sensations where the stones are placed and sometimes even after they are removed you may still feel them there as an energetic imprint is left and continues the healing process.

Sound_Healing_for_frequency_vibration_clearing_cleansingT.jpg SOUND HEALING

Music has well-known, research-supported healing effects. A very simple example is how we feel when listening to certain types of music. If we listen to sad songs, we can feel down. When we listen to uplifting music, we feel light and pleasant.

Our bodies are primarily water and are fabulous conductors. We respond to frequencies and vibrations. (See the work of Dr. Masuru Emoto—pay particular attention to the results when playing various types of music to water—fascinating!)

There are certain instruments that have been used ceremonially and ritually for centuries for the healing of the people.

  • Vocal
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Rainstick
  • Ting-Sha
  • Rattles & Drums
  • Tuning Forks

The above instruments and others are used during your healing session. Also, audio recordings that include those instruments and others are intuitively chosen for you.  See further explanations below.


Andrea Brock received an intuitive message a number of years ago to use her voice in toning during healing sessions. Regular clients were able to compare healing sessions from prior to this and found the sessions much more intense when Andrea was toning. They reported being able to feel energy and vibrations running through their bodies in such a way they had not experienced before which made the healing much more effective.  Andrea intuitively tones various notes and sounds during the course of a treatment.


These beautiful metal bowls are struck and rubbed around the rim with a padded mallet to produce glorious tones. They come in many sizes and all have a unique sound. They have been used for centuries for meditation, healing and ceremonial purposes.

When used during healing sessions clients experience feelings of rippling waves of energy flowing through their body.


The rainstick is a long hollow tube of wood that is filled with beads or beans and has pins arranged inside. When you move or turn the rainstick, the contents shift and make a beautiful sound as they bounce off the inside pins. It sounds like water during a rainstorm. It is used for making music and ceremonially for bringing rainstorms.

Used during healing sessions it is a favourite of most people. It creates a water rippling effect energetically that most people experience. It feels cleansing just like a waterfall.


 The Ting-Sha are small Tibetan metal hand cymbals.

Their primary purpose is to summon or call forth. They are used in rituals but also for meditative purposes and as a musical instrument. While they emit a very powerful tone, they have a very sweet sound.


Rattles and drums are used in healing sessions to create a sound field that assists in entering an altered state of consciousness (trance-like state). In this consciousness the Shaman is able to administer the appropriate healing for the client and at the same time the client’s body and consciousness become prepared to accept and integrate the treatment.


A tuning fork is an acoustic resonator that is made of metal and has two prongs. They were first invented the year 1711. When they are struck, they vibrate at a specific pitch and emanate a pure musical tone.

Various parts of your physical body and energy field respond to these tones. It creates a deep state of relaxation as well as numerous other physical benefits. It also aids in reaching other states of consciousness for healing. There are subtle effects on your energy field that can give dramatic results.

Family_Constellation_Healing_work_Dr._Bert_HellingerT.jpg FAMILY CONSTELLATION HEALING

This type of holistic treatment is based on the work of Dr. Bert Hellinger. It is based on the premise that the dynamics in the family—even incidents from generations past—contribute to your current physical, emotional and mental health. These patterns in your family are reflected in your energy field and thus affect you.

This specialized variation has given clients meaningful insight and a deeper understanding of their own feelings and those of their family members.

The client stands in the middle of the room and stones are used to represent immediate family members, primary caregivers and/or anyone that played a key role in the client’s upbringing. The client places the stones on the floor surrounding themselves, and places them where they feel is an appropriate place based on their current relationship or current feeling.

Andrea then stands in the place of each person and channels his or her energy to answer any questions you have, and/or for you to express anything to that person that you may be uncomfortable saying directly in person.  It does not matter whether the person is living or dead. This provides a safe environment for you to speak your mind and address long-time concerns and deeply rooted issues and gain clarity and perspective.

Tremendous relief and insight has been gained from these experiences. It is a very emotionally cleansing experience.

Please note that a careful pre-screening discussion is held before this type of treatment is performed. This may involve preparatory healing sessions, since traumatic events may possibly be revealed. For anyone currently undergoing professional therapy, a prior consultation with his or her therapist is required to ensure the appropriateness.  Your therapist or doctor may accompany you for this session if desired and appropriate.

Past_Life_Healing_for_trauma_in_spineT.JPG PAST LIFE HEALING

Traumas from past lives can carry into the current lifetime.  They may possibly surface as a habit, pattern or even some sort of physical anomaly or pain.  We may even carry these from our ancestors as well—not necessarily our own personal experiences.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is usually suggested for healing past life issues.

Another available option for healing habits, patterns or even physical symptoms is to have a specific past life healing for a particular issue.

Pranic_Healing_centering_healing_grounding_using_colorT.JPG PRANIC HEALING

Pranic Healing was developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and involves using Prana (Sanskrit word meaning life-force) on your aura, the energy field surrounding your body.

The basis for this system of healing is that the body is highly sophisticated, with the ability to self-repair and self-heal. Conditions appear in our energy field before they develop in our physical body, and by caring for disruptions, anomalies and weaknesses in the energy field, we feed our bodies what is needed to avert serious conditions. If a physical or emotional condition already exists, Pranic Healing practitioners can help to channel the necessary healing energy so the body can heal itself.

Polarity_Therapy_to_restore_balance_many_levelsT.JPG POLARITY THERAPY

Polarity Therapy was developed in the early 1900s by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND. Dr. Stone’s motto was “Whatever works, works!”.

This bodywork touch therapy helps the body in its natural self-healing process by working with the energy currents that run through and around the body. To be in good health, energy must flow freely and be in balance.

This system of healing is based on energy principles found in Ayurvedic medicine. It involves energy-based bodywork, diet, exercise and self-awareness.

Aromatherapy_healing_all_levels_mind_body_spiritT.JPG AROMATHERAPY

Scent has a physiological and spiritual effect on our body. Different essential oils from plants have various healing benefits to improve our mood and promote health.

For example, in real estate when we are selling a home we are told at times to have a pie baking in the oven or have freshly baked cookies.  This has a psychological effect on the potential buyer to make them feel at home, their home.  Even now just imagining  that scent you may feel a sense of comfort, fond memories may return, and suddenly you feel relaxed and happy.

Now you understand the very basic concept of aromatherapy.

Oils, infused with plant essences are chosen intuitively, blended as needed and administered through the air or directly on your skin.  This modality can be used in combination with other healing methods.

Distance_Healings_and_Readings_no_time_spaceT.JPG DISTANCE HEALING & READINGS

When time or distance does not permit in-person healings or readings, distance work can be done. An appointment/healing time is set.  During the healing session the client will lie down in a peaceful and relaxed setting without distractions.

Distance healings are just as effective as in-person consultations. As a simple example, you may spend time with a good friend either in person or have a conversation on the telephone. Either way you benefit and enjoy the time you spend together. If you are feeling sad and a good friend calls and elevates your mood until you are smiling and laughing, it doesn’t matter if they are next door or across the world. The effects are the same.

For distance healing, certain ancient energetic codes are used to complete the link that transcends time/space.