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Wedding Ceremonies

Andrea Brock is an Ordained Minister and officiates wedding ceremonies in areas where the local laws permit.� She will travel to your desired location.

The Bride and Groom-to-be are given samples of ceremonies and will create their own special unique format.� Traditional, contemporary and uniquely written ceremonies are available and can be created.� Wedding ceremonies are tailored to the wishes of the Bride and Groom to make their day memorable and heartfelt.

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Wedding Testimonials

Vaughn and I could never thank you enough for helping to make our day absolutely perfect.� You helped us prepare the perfect ceremony by giving us the different options to choose from and letting us piece together "our" ceremony to how we wanted it.� You helped keep both of us calm during the day and for this we are thankful.� We would definitely recommend you to our friends and family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

~ Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn Burns

"Many thanks to Andrea for making our wedding day amazing!� Throughout the entire process, she was very informative and on top of the details and while she gave us much needed guidance on the wedding 'have-to's', she helped us personalize the ceremony to make the day special.� She understood who we were and did everything in her power to send us off to our own happily ever after."

~ Karen and Matt

�Working with Andrea was wonderful!! It was like we knew her for years.� She truly made our day one to remember.�

~ Elyse and James

Commitment Ceremonies

With changing times, life circumstances or local laws, there are some who wish to express their love, devotion and commitment to their loved one and a legally binding ceremony is either not wanted or not currently possible. A ceremony can be customized for you to make this heartfelt expression and to celebrate your love for each other.

Vow Renewals

For those who have previously made a commitment to each other and wish to continue the celebration a Vow Renewal Ceremony is perfect!� The couple chooses the type of ceremony most appropriate and can create their own personal vows to continue their commitment to each other.

There are many who did not originally have the type of wedding ceremony they really wanted.�� This is a way to finally get it.� Some have also been through challenging times and weathered storms and want to acknowledge this.

For whatever the reason, this is a beautiful way for family and friends to celebrate your achievement and continued relationship.

Baby Blessing & Naming Ceremonies

The Baby Blessing Ceremony is a beautiful time of intent to set the tone for the baby�s safe and blessed arrival into the world.� This can be done either at a baby shower or at a home birth.

The Baby Naming Ceremony is a unique ceremony held after the birth to welcome the baby into the world.� It shows the importance of the name chosen and for the guests to give their wishes for the life of the baby.� It has some similarities of a traditional baby shower but there are distinct differences.

Releasing & Healing Ceremonies

There are times in our life when events occur that would be well served being given acknowledgement and expression for release.� A Releasing Ceremony can help to process the event and release it from the heart and energy field.� This type of ceremony could be appropriate for�

  • Grieving from a friend or family member�s suicide
  • Sudden unexpected death
  • Old patterns of behavior, thoughts or emotions that no longer serve
  • Items of personal attachment that have been lost or stolen
  • Divorce

Life Appreciation / Passage

A customized ceremony honoring the life of a passed loved one.