Andrea Brock Healing
To Help People Be Their Authentic Selves...







Various customized services are available to corporations and businesses, since many of the traditional methods companies have used in the past to survive and grow are no longer as effective in the current socio-economic environment.

Consultation to assess areas of the company that show an energy leakage or lack in the following: 

  • Employees
  • Management
  • Office building or location
  • Projects
  • Customers / Clientele 

On-site treatments of employees and management bring dramatic results including: 

  • Higher productivity
  • A more unified team
  • Clarity—“turned on” and “tuned in” for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improvement in morale 

Vision Development 

  • To assist with determining the energetic “quality” of particular projects or plans
  • To suggest strategies to target and achieve goals
  • To provide healing energy for success and prosperity 


  • For management or employee problems that need to be handled discreetly and unofficially 

With a prior background in Administration, Management and Human Resources, Andrea Brock guarantees integrity, confidentiality and non-disclosure, as many matters are sensitive on a business and personal level. As a Lightworker, Andrea reserves the right to decline services to any company/corporation if she feels any sort of spiritual conflict.